11 Year-Old Delilah Braves The Shave For Martlets!

Delilah McNulty, an 11 year old fundraiser from Brighton, has raised over £900 for Martlets by shaving off all her hair.

Delilah before head shave martlets








Delilah after head shave\








The kind-hearted youngster said that she decided one day that she didn’t need her hair anymore and discussed with her mum, Sorcha Bridge, supporting Martlets if she had her head shaved.

Delilah continued, “I know that lots of people there need support. It made me feel good to know that I was helping people.  As I got closer to the day, I started to feel quite scared – but when I got to the hairdressers I was excited. I even cut my own ponytail off, and then the hairdresser shaved off the rest.

“My friends at school didn’t believe that I was going to do it, so they were really shocked when I came into school the next day! People keep telling me how brave I am, but I don’t think so. It’s only hair and it will grow back – I don’t have cancer.  Some people are not so lucky.”

For others thinking about picking up the clippers Delilah had the following advice, “Don’t worry, it’s fun and your hair will grow back – just imagine how many people you are helping!”

 Liz Davies from the hospice’s Fundraising team said, “Delilah is such an amazing young lady.  She might not think that she’s been particularly brave, but we think she is an inspirational role model for others. She has raised a tremendous amount of money for us with her selflessness and this will definitely make a real difference to the lives of local people and their families.

“If you have an idea for a fundraising event in aid of Martlets then please do get in touch.”

For further details about raising money for the hospice or events that you can take part in please telephone the Fundraising team on 01273 747455 or email fundraising@martlets.org.uk