Streamline Taxis Donate Aerial to Newhaven Coastwatch

Streamline 202020 taxis of Brighton and Hove have just donated a brand new, but unusable radio mast to the Newhaven Coastwatchnewhavenwebpic.

The 40 foot mast proved unusable on the roof of their offices in Clifton Hill, Brighton.

David Smith (Streamline Chairman) said “We had the mast specially made for our building, it was to transmit radio signals to our fleet. Unfortunately, it was unsuitable and we couldn’t use it, so it had to be removed from the roof dismantled.

We were going to scrap it, when one of our drivers said he had approached Newhaven Coastwatch and they would love to have it as a radar mast.

The Martlets Hospice, generously loaned us a large van to transport the dismantled mast to Newhaven and a delighted Coastwatch staff.”