52 weeks and 52 challenges to support Hastings charities

A Hastings man took on 40 more challenges than Hercules this year in a huge personal challenge to raise money for Hastings charities, The Seaview Project and Surviving Christmas.

At the beginning of the new year in 2014, Tom Rose set himself a personal challenge of to step outside his comfort zone and complete a different challenge each and every week throughout 2015.

Tom Rose completing some of his 52 Comfort Zone Challenges
Tom Rose completing some of his 52 Comfort Zone Challenges

After blogging about his experience each week at www.mycomfortzonechallenge.com and noticing he had recieved over 12,000 views on the blog, it became clear he should use the platform to raise money for charity.

He has now dedicated some of his challenges to both The Seaview Project and Surviving Christmas, charities from his hometown of Hastings, and has decided to use his blog and its unique reach to raise money for them too.

Tom explained: “I’ve been raising money and have already beaten my original £150 target. I’ve raised £260 so far, and also raised £448 for sleeping rough for a night and £345 for fire walking earlier in the year. Hopefully, I can reach £1000 in total for the year. 

“I’ve got a few challenges coming up including stand up comedy (I’m not a comedian), a guitar and singing performance (I’m not a musician), a tattoo, giving up my Christmas day to help at a homeless shelter, public speaking at a charity event and many more to end the year. I’ve already slept rough for the night, walked on fire, given out free hugs for an afternoon, gone a blind date, given blood just to name a few!”

Tom sleeping rough in week 35
Tom sleeping rough in week 35

Due to large amount of challenges Tom has been no stranger to asking others for advice on what to put himself through but made sure they didn’t affect his work life, personal appearance or put him in too much danger. However, this Friday he will be getting a tattoo of the Neale Donald Walsch quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” which although goes against his personal appearance rule, will be a constant reminder of his exceptional year.

Tom giving blood in Week 2
Tom giving blood in Week 2

Tom added: “I love this quote, mainly because it enforces the message if you’re willing to change, your life will change also. For years, I’ve been brandishing the quote to friends and colleagues suggesting they need to step out of their comfort zone.”

Through the month of December Tom’s challenges continue to show the breadth of adventures he has completed throughout the year and you might just catch him across Sussex as he completes his challenging year. 

  • Dec 4th – Tattoo – Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone
  • Dec 5th – League Rugby match – I’ve never played rugby before in my lfe
  • Also on Dec 5th – Guest Speaker at The Seaview Project Christmas Carol Concert
  • Dec 10th – Stand up Comedy – The Boundary Club – Sussex County Cricket Club
  • December 25th – Helping Surviving Christmas support homeless people on Christmas Day

To donate to Tom and the local hastings charities, visit; https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/mycomfortzonechallenge?