£8.89 Million European Social Fund To Be Launched


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£8.89 Million European Social Fund To Be Launched In 2018

Coast to Capital is expecting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to launch a Direct Call for £8.89 million of ESF funding for the LEP area in early in 2018. The exact launch date is yet to be confirmed, however initial detail of this Call is being provided to enable potential applicants the time to work towards match funding requirements and partnership collaboration.

The £8.89 million ESF available will be broken down into three calls:

£6.91 million ESF in Priority Axis 1: Inclusive Labour Market

£3.55 million ESF will be toward access to employment for job seekers and inactive people and will seek to support unemployed adults to transition into employment and self-employment.

£2.54 million ESF will be towards active inclusion including equal opportunities & improving employability and seek to support unemployed and inactive people who face multiple barriers to work.

£2.8 million ESF in Priority Axis 2: Skills for Growth

£2.8 million towards equal access to learning for all age groups, upgrading the skills of the workforce, flexible learning, careers guidance, validation of competence that seeks to provide training, support and guidance to increase productivity and economic growth.

Potential applicants are encouraged to start exploring ideas, match funding and partnership opportunities now. To assist potential applicants Coast to Capital is holding a Match Funding and Partnership Workshop on Thursday 8 February 2018 at Horsham Training Centre. To book a place at the event please see the Coast to Capital website. We are not anticipating that any of these Calls will change, but this could be the case, as although agreed these Calls have not yet been published by DWP.

European Structural and Investment Funding Sub-Committee Chair, Councillor Helyn Clack said:

“We hope that this pre-call ESF information and subsequent workshop will support potential applicants to enable them to submit exciting and high quality project applications from across the region. We are looking for innovative projects which will add value and contribute to growing our labour market.”

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