A New Book Describes How A Woman Coped After Losing Her Mother To Ovarian Cancer

March 2019 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the new book “From Cancer to Coddiwomple” is Wendy’s tale of how she coped after the loss of both her parents, within weeks of each other – her mum to Ovarian Cancer

The book will support St Barnabus House, Worthing, a place very close to Wendy’s heart.


From cancer to coddiwompleThe symptoms of ovarian cancer are often missed and Wendy hopes that her book will raise awareness of the symptoms

  • There are around 7,400 new ovarian cancer cases in the UK every year, that’s 20 every day (2013-2015).
  • In females in the UK, ovarian cancer is the 6th most common cancer, with around 7,300 new cases in 2015.
  • Almost 6 in 10 ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage in England (2014) and Northern Ireland (2010-2014).

Source : https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/health-professional/cancer-statistics/statistics-by-cancer-type/ovarian-cancer#heading-Zero