Age UK call for older residents to have their say in citywide survey

The local branch of national charity Age UK are undertaking research with residents in Brighton & Hove who are over 70 and not as mobile as they once were.

The organisation are keen to work with older people who are willing to answer some questions on a health related topic which forms part of one of their four surveys conducted each year.Age UK Brighton & Hove

Age UK Brighton & Hove is gathering feedback about older people’s experiences of health services in the city and are funded by the NHS to do carry out this research.

The charity would like to know your views on how the services they currently use could be improved and what should be developed in the future.

The survey will involve someone from the Age UK team arranging a visit to you and asking some questions on a particular topic which will take about an hour. All information told to Age UK Brighton & Hove will be anonymous.

To find out more or sign up with Age UK Brighton & Hove contact Claire or Roisin on 01273 720603 or email us: