‘Allsorts Of Coming Out’ Mini Podcast to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

The young people at Allsorts Youth Project have released their second podcast in celebration of Coming Out Day 2019.

Coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT+) can be a big deal, so in the latest episode of ‘Allsorts of Thoughts’, podcast hosts Ray & Colin spoke to some of the young people that attend Allsorts to find out more! Questions are answered, and real life experiences are shared as the 11-15 year olds talk about what coming out means to LGBT+ young people today.

Ray assures listeners that, ‘​It’s usual to have lots of questions when you’re thinking of coming out like ‘am I normal?’ or ‘is there anyone else like me?’ I hope that me and Colin being here will provide you with the answer yes. There are lots of people like you, and lots of communities all over the country, and all over the world.​”

Funded by Sussex Community Foundation, the ‘Allsorts of Thoughts’ podcast is one of the many ways in which Allsorts Youth Project elevates the voices of LGBT+ children & young people. By listening to, supporting and connecting these children & young people, Allsorts aims to create a community in which all LGBT+ people are free to thrive.

In their most recent quarterly survey (September, 2019), one Allsorts young person said, ‘​Allsorts has helped me become more accepting of myself and others, and is a space where I can express myself freely.’

So listen in, tune up and plug in to some more wonderful words and top tips from Allsorts Youth Project’s young people about ‘coming out’ at ​: https://anchor.fm/allsortsyouthproject

This mini episode has been created to celebrate ‘National Coming Out Day, 11th October 2019. For more information on how you can support Allsorts Youth Project, visit their website or get in touch at ​: info@allsortsyouth.org.uk​