Ambigo Announces Ambitious B2B Co-Development Event

On Wednesday the 25th September, Ambigo will be holding its first business to business co-development event. This will be a fundraiser for Ambigo CIC’s community work. 

This event is for those SME (small and medium sized business) who are interested in operating in a strong and supportive business community; selling to each other for mutual (win-win) benefit and participating in mutual support.

This event will use innovative behavioural science behind Ambigo CIC community cohesion work. It will place business owners and key business staff in the perfect position to get help from other businesses; working out exactly what they need to make them succeed.

This event will enable participants to really get to know other businesses; their motivations, their needs and their unique offer to others. Whilst business to business sales are an inevitable outcome of this event, our goal is far greater. We will help businesses build strong and long lasting relationships, and even partnerships into the future.

This is a fundraising event for Ambigo CIC; which is is dedicated to eradicating hate-crime and discrimination. We do this by bringing people together people who do not normally mix to support each other’s goals, ideas and ambitions. 

Founder of Ambigo, Adam Bates, says 
“We are really pleased to go beyond the traditions of not-for-profit organisations and, instead of just asking for donations, actually offer something a significant benefit to our business donors. This way we all benefit, and we all support our work in building a more harmonious world together.”

To learn more about Ambigo, please visit their website :