An Appeal From Winston’s Wish

Winston’s Wish support thousands of children every year in the UK with bereavement support after the death of a parent, sibling or friend. They cannot change what has happened to the families/children that seek our therapeutic support, but we can help them understand their emotions and provide a safe space for them to grieve. Over time we help children make sense of what’s happened and learn to live with their often traumatic and devastating loss.

Winston’s Wish is hosting a family and children Memorial Winter Gathering (30th November 2019) to bring together the many different families living in the South who have lost loved ones this year. This will include people from all over the south and many who lost family in Grenfell.

Be it through homicide, suicide, military, accident or illness this event is a very important step in young people’s grieving process, especially for those under 18, to see they are not alone and take part in some Christmas/holiday activities to help brighten their day and honour the people they have lost. 

They are approaching businesses to see if there is any chance that they could help support the event with a donation to reach our final £300 target?

They have pretty much everything we need for the event with most being supported or given by local businesses (the crafts, food, materials, venue hire etc.) However to round everything off they are hoping to purchase some gifts for the children and families in attendance. This could be anything from clothes or food vouchers, for the lower income families, to a small memento that children can keep forever in memory of the event/the loved ones they’ve lost. Anything you can spare would be most welcome!

If this would be of interest, or you’d like to support Winston’s Wish, please contact Nick by clicking here