Articulate (Re)imagine Spaces At ONCA On The Barge


‘(re)imagined spaces’ is a 12-month photographic project working with young people who identify as homeless or are in insecure housing in Brighton & Hove. The project is run by Articulate in partnership with the Clock Tower Sanctuary and funded by Arts Council England. 

 ‘(re)imagined spaces’ invites you to reflect on your own personal narratives of spaces in the city. Do spaces hold stories for you? Do you have a secret space? A space that holds a memory? A space that you feel calm in?

As we navigate through a city, there are places we pass daily without consideration. What might these areas mean to someone else? Is there a hidden story? A first kiss? A place of sanctuary for someone? Was there a witness to another story? Or is it where someone might sleep?

A participant said: “You don’t need to be a photographer to enjoy photography. It can be a kind of therapy. Photographing in open spaces helps me to feel calm. When I am in open spaces there is a feeling of a bigger picture.

“When I am taking photographs it feels like it breaks down layers that you have to work through, whether it’s pain in my body, if I’m feeling tired or annoyed, or my mental state that day – taking photographs allows all that to fade away”

Articulate is a UK based arts charity that works internationally, supporting disadvantaged children and young people’s personal and social development through art and creative participation. This is achieved by providing creative opportunities for young people to explore, express and enjoy. Articulate has worked in partnership with partner organisations in the UK, India and Latin America since 2001 working with over 1200 beneficiaries.

In addition to their international programmes, Articulate has also run UK initiatives and has previously worked collaboratively with the Tate Modern’s Tuberine Generation programme and Creative Junction as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

 In 2012 and 2013 Articulate received grants from the British Council’s ‘Youth in Action’ programme, supporting them to organise ‘Lives through Lenses’ project, working in partnership with the Clock Tower Sanctuary, a project that supports young homeless people. Articulate also ran two large-scale projects with Allsorts Youth, Brighton, an LGBTU support network, resulting in large-scale exhibitions at: Jubilee library’s Foley gallery, B-Fest 2015: Brighton Youth Centre and Brixton East, London.

Articulate’s ‘Being Human’ project with Allsorts engaged with a group of transgender young people and resulted in an exhibition and publication as well as a resource pack for teachers and youth professionals to use within their practice. The group also showcased their artwork within youth workshops to articulate their stories to offer a greater awareness of the trans gender experience.

Articulate’s projects place importance on sharing outcomes within local communities as well as nationally and internationally through exhibitions and virtual exchanges.

Exhibition Info:

ONCA on the Barge

8-13 October