Artist with Autism Launches First Art Exhibition at Phoenix

Siddharth is an artist based in Brighton.

Sid art 2Siddharth is 20 years old and has Autism, severe learning difficulty, severe speech and language impairment, ADHD, PDD, Epilepsy and challenging behaviours . Despite all of this Art is Sid’s passion as it is very therapeutic and calming for him in his otherwise chaotic and very challenging world, living with Autism.

Sid produces beautiful large pieces of amazing art work that are anything between 6-12 feet long and 6-12 feet wide. He can create them in under 3 hours, at Project Artworks who are based in Hastings .

Sid has never had any art lessons .

Sid’s first solo art exhibition at the Phoenix Art Centre in Brighton, for ONE MONTH starting on 23 March until  21 April ,Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.