BLOG: Celebrating 600 Hours For Charitable Causes


Local ethical digital agency Creative Blend have donated over 600 hours of their time to charitable causes. Working with small charities with big ambitions Director Grant Jennings says “It has been a pleasure working with each of the charities during our short time as an agency. We share in their successes and seeing how their digital brand has evolved is something we’re all very proud of”.

The idea to give back to the community has been at the heart of the company since Grant set it up in 2013. With a background in agencies, he felt there was always a niggle that creating a successful digital presence was dictated by chunky budgets which left many small and extremely worthy charitable organisations stuck with aging websites and limited resources to spend on marketing.

“Creative Blend have been generously contributing their skills, expertise and creative thinking to Love Is All We Need for the past 18 months. Their professional and friendly way of being is invaluable to us as a charity that exists on a purely volunteer and pro bono basis.”

Bev Willis  – Lead chair at Love is all we need

Five years working collaboratively with local charities has given the Hove-based agency valuable insights into how to make charity marketing go further. Here they share five insights everyone can benefit from:

  • Focus on three goals: Boil it down to the most important things, and then work out how to attach meaning to the measurement – what constitutes success? (It might not be what you expect).
  • Decide what will make the most impact (and don’t be afraid to challenge assumptions): Get rid of old-fashioned thinking and even language when it comes to project planning and priorities. It may make more sense to make a big splash with one project than incrementally improve. This may feel scary or uncomfortable but if it creates something that works better, with more clarity and impact, it will be worth it.

“Creative blend worked with us to make our fundraising e-newsletters work harder for us. The team were easy to work with, with great communication and I’d definitely work with them again” Alison Crouch Marketing & Communications Manager St Catherine’s Hospice

  • Chose a like-minded agency: In the words of Simon Sinek in his great book ‘Start with why’ it’s important to spot partners who ‘just don’t get it’. To work with an agency that you have to bring in line with your values is tiring & adds complexities to any project.
  • Get organised: Nominate a lead or champion for your projects who will be the key person for sign off. Look at tools that can bridge the border between the agency and your internal team, it keeps transparency and momentum, plus many of them, such as Trello, are free.

“Creative Blend have been an absolute joy to work with. They have been kind, supportive and efficient. the whole experience has been fantastic and we are delighted with the end result
Helen Palmer, Trustee at Whoopsadaisy

  • Celebrate every success: Be sure to share wins with the team and do more of what works – a message shared by employees receives 2x the engagement of the same content shared by the charity (LinkedIn 2018).

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