BLOG: How To Apply To Google For Free Advertising Grant – by Katarina Sherbourne

Reach thousands of new supporters, increase awareness of your charity & generate much needed income.

Apply to Google for a free advertising Grant

How do you drive more people to your charity’s website, get more people to attend your events and bring in more funds? Simple, says Katarina Sherbourne, you can do all this – and more – with Google Ad Grants.

Google Ad Grants is free Google AdWords credit. It uses Google Ads, a form of online advertising that millions of commercial businesses pay to use.

What is a Google Ad?
You’ll most likely have come across Google Ads when you’ve shopped on Google. Below is what they look like. Each Ad has a small green ‘Ad’ label next to it. Ads are displayed at the top of the results page so scrolling isn’t necessary.

In essence, Google Ads enable someone who is looking for something, to find it. Quickly and effortlessly.

1 jpg mens designer trainersSo, what is Google Ad Grants?
Google Ad Grants is the name given to the $10,000 (about £7,500) per month credit that Google gives charities to spend on Google Ads.

How could Google Ad Grants benefit my charity?
You may not be selling a product like the example above, but the advertising principle is the same. Consider the following real life examples.

Joe, who has a mental health issue, wants to join a creative writing group in Brighton. He clicks on the Google Ad at the top of the results page, from the charity Creative Future.

2 jpg creative writing workshop

Stephanie, a social worker, needs information on autism. She clicks on the second Google Ad, the most relevant to her search.
3 jpg autism researchPriya is desperate to run the London Marathon and there’s only a few days left to register. She uses Google to find charities with places yet to fill.jpg4There are many other ways to use Google Ad Grants: 
• Promote your charity’s key activities e.g. programmes, Helpdesk, factsheets
• Sell tickets to events, exhibitions, workshops
• Recruit paid staff and volunteers
• Sell products from your online shop
• Acquire members and e-newsletter signups

Will it increase donations?
Google Ad Grants can do many things, but what it is unlikely to do is suddenly boost donations. Look upon it as the first step in acquiring lots of new supporters with whom to build positive and long lasting relationships.

Is there a catch?
It’s easy to apply for Google Ad Grants, and if you are successful, Google will continue to give your charity $10,000 of free credit every month with no closing date.

But it’s not all plain sailing. To make the most of Google Ad Grants you will need to ‘actively manage your account’ which means investing in a bit of time to teach yourself the basics and continue to learn by trial and error. If you can commit to this, why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose and heaps to gain.

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KatariKatarina Sherbourne - use thisna Sherbourne has been managing charity websites and Google AdWords for over six years, and offers competitively priced training to help charities set up and start managing their  Google Ad Grants.

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