Bright Now Café Donates All Tips To Charity


From the 1st of March 2018, Bright Now Café, situated inside Brighthelm’s Church and Community Centre will donate 100% of its tips to charity.

Bright Now Café is a spacious and friendly café set inside the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre. It is open from 8.30-4.30pm and serves coffee, with Fairtrade coffee from local roasters ‘Roasted’, and fresh, deliciously cooked meals and cake. The café also has a popular catering service.

The café runs on volunteers, as well as one full time professional chef and one front of house supervisor. Both of these staff members are paid a living wage and did not previously collect tips.

The charity the tips will be donated too will change each month, with March’s chosen charity being ‘The Real Junk Food Project’.

The charities are decided by the Brighthelm Trustees and Staff, and recommendations from the public. Each charity will receive 100% of the monthly tips from the Bright Now Café.

Tavi Gane, Bright Now Café’s Front of House Supervisor says, ‘If enough people do the little things we can help the world a lot.’

Stop by the café to donate and make a difference today or find out more here:

Twitter: @BrighthelmURC 

Facebook: BrighthelmURC