Brighton-based SailBoatProject And Newhaven Deliver A Delicious And Simple Climate Solution

On 30 September and 1 October, just before the next international climate rebellion kicks off, sailing vessel Gallant delivered a new load of olive oil, vegan wine and almonds to Newhaven. Gallant, owned by Blue Schooner Company, transports these and other delicious goods directly from producers in France and Portugal using the power of the wind.

Blue Schooner Company and its sail cargo partners Sail Boat Project and New Dawn Traders are acting now to avoid catastrophic climate crisis. Volumes are still small but a proven track record of successful deliveries to Newhaven and various ports in the South West over the last four years shows that sail cargo is a realistic and simple part of the solution.

To expand, the sail cargo movement now needs more ships, citizens purchasing the goods and funders to come on board.

Sail cargo goods are carefully sourced directly from small producers who use environmentally responsible production methods. Sail cargo producers receive a much larger share of the final product price compared to conventional trade because big commercial middlemen are cut out of the supply chain by creating voyage co-operatives.

For example in the case of the mouth-watering Reigado olive oil, the sourcing was done by olive oil sommeliers Passeite, the coordination of the transport by New Dawn Traders, the shipping by the Blue Schooner Company with their ship Gallant and the distribution and promotion in the South East by Sail Boat Project who are the Newhaven port ally. Newhaven port and marina support this voyage through facilitating Gallant’s dockingin Newhaven.

Gallant will also be delivering its delicious cargo to Bristol, Penzance, Ramsgate and London.