Brighton Community Night Shelter Launches Pop-Up

Charity calls on community for Pop-Up Homeless Shelter

More than 144 people are now living on the streets in Brighton and Hove, according to new government figures released earlier in the year. After Westminster, the city has the highest homeless population in England.

Now Brighton citizens are taking it into their own hands to find a solution. Local registered charity Brighton Community Night Shelter (BCNS) is calling on the community to raise £30,000 for a temporary Pop-Up Shelter in a marquee, while they look for a Building, either Private or Council for a permanent night shelter.

The Pop-Up will provide both shelter and an evening meal for 40 homeless men and women, 365 days a year. 

BCNS have set up a Just Giving page to raise £20,000 for a marquee, beds and mattresses. As well as the crowdfund, they are looking for land to set up the temporary Shelter as quickly as possible.

A group of Homeless Volunteers and Homeless Campaigners helped set up BCNS  to try to provide shelter for the city’s homeless population.

“We all walk past men and women every day who are living and sleeping on the pavements. It’s heart-breaking to see that neither the Council nor the police with their lack of resources, are protecting these vulnerable people.”

Nikkie and her colleagues have been petitioning Brighton & Hove City Council for an empty building to be used as a Homeless Shelter since January 2017. Despite promises from the Council, their requests have come to nothing.

We set up BCNS because we need an answer. More and more men and women in our city are sleeping rough, with no legal rights, facing hunger, cold, crime and even death on the streets.”

BNCS is still looking for a building for a permanent, volunteer-run night shelter. However, in the meantime, they plan to stop the gap with the Pop-Up Shelter.

 “The Pop-Up Shelter is our chance to help the homeless population with a real community response from the people of Brighton and Hove” says Nikkie.

Phil who has been sleeping rough in Brighton for 2 years, said:“Just getting a good night’s sleep, without the fear of attack will enable me to start thinking straight, feel better about myself and give myself a chance in life”

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