Brighton & Hove Food Partnership Takes On New Community Growing Space

Stanmer ImagesBrighton & Hove Food Partnership is excited to be taking on a new piece of land based in the heart of Stanmer Park, Brighton. 

The four-acre site comprises community food growing spaces and woodland areas and the Partnership’s aim is to create a thriving community space where people can find sanctuary and nurture wellbeing through food growing, gardening, education and nature activities. 

Previously known as Nourish Community Farm and coordinated by Care Co-ops and then the Platform, the site is next to the Walled Garden and Stanmer Organics. It will be known as Stanmer Wellbeing Gardens.

The search is now on for new members to join the Stanmer Wellbeing Gardens community. Potential members may, for example:

  • Want to start a community food-growing project.
  • Need a woodland space for education activities.
  • Be looking for an outside space for nature-connected wellbeing activities.

Project Manager Helen Starr-Keddle said: “This part of Stanmer is already a thriving community space with eight existing groups working there. We are pleased to be able to take on its management and be able to offer space in this very beautiful part of Brighton to others who can make good use of its fertile soil and peaceful environment. We hope in future to see it as a beacon of sustainability and community activities.”

Site visits are currently being arranged for those interested in taking on a space: at 10.30am on Thursday, 8 November and 2pm on Tuesday, 13 November.

The Food Partnership is accepting applications from potential new members of the Gardens until 2pm on Monday, 3 December 2018.