Brighton Recording Artist Challenges Political Views Whilst Aiding Own Recovery

Brighton-based We Are Not Saints, the UK’s first record label supporting artists recovering from addiction, is pleased to announce the release of Callum Johnstone’s new single Wee Submarine. Through his music, Scotsman Callum, lyrically tells his life experiences and stories, which also feature socio-political observations and Wee Submarine highlights his views on the current state of the country.

Talking about his new release, Callum said: “I guess Wee Submarine began to materialise about two years ago. Austerity was really becoming clear with food banks on the rise and Theresa May in full on ‘hard Brexit’ mode.

“There had just been a General Election, where for the first time in my life, there seemed to be a serious challenge to the entrenched and usually-accepted power structures of Westminster. But a key moment for me was the BBC Question Time special with Jeremy Corbyn. There was a lot of shouting about the nuclear deterrent and that it wasn’t safe in Labour’s hands. That hit home hard, just how embedded our nukes are in the fabric of a certain kind of Britishness. No matter all the issues, those nuclear submarines and weapons somehow seemed to be the point-source of British patriotism. I just had to write something, and I wanted to have a bit of fun amidst all this madness.”

Chris De Banks, Founder of We Are Not Saints said: “Callum has a great sound, a cross between Billy Bragg meets The Pogues. His political slant should really catch people’s imaginations and, hopefully, receive lots of positive comments, downloads and viral exposure.”

Callum Johnstone added: “I guess the song is taking a certain kind of ‘Britishness’ and the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ spirit to its imagined conclusion – the last days of the United Kingdom, where the whole place is falling to pieces, but our ‘Wee Submarines’ are still floating around, emblazoned with Union Jacks.

“I’d written the song as an acoustic number, but luckily I met Chris who said we had to record it. Eight months later thanks to We Are not Saints this track has emerged, utterly transformed with the help of a band of fantastic musicians. It’s been one of the most amazing things to have happened to me.”

Chris added: “We Are Not Saints focus is on surprising and remarkable music, outstanding talent, chances and opportunities. Callum is an incredible songwriter and musician who, even though is on his own personal recovery journey, is dedicated to sharing his music, views and lyrical arrangements with a diverse and eclectic audience.”

In closing, Callum added: “Benefits are being cut and libraries are shutting, but we’ve got our Wee Submarines.”

Wee Submarines is available now at

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