Brighton Resident Wins Hacienda Art Auction for Manchester Bomb Victims

Hacienda art auction for Manchester bomb victims raises more than £1,000 and the winning bidder was Factory Records fan Tony Dykes of Brighton who frequented The Hacienda in the early days during the 1980s as a student at Manchester Polytechnic and who made many lifelong friends in the city.

HaciendaAn auction of rare art works depicting the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester has raised more than £1000 for the Manchester bomb victims.

The pair of framed, signed and numbered, limited-edition Hacienda screen prints have been auctioned on eBay for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

The winning bid of £1172.50 will help victims and their families after the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena.

Hacienda flickrThe prints were being auctioned by The Alcohol-Free Shop. They have been displayed at the Oldham Road shop since being presented to the business by rock icon Peter Hook – a regular customer – who officially opened the shop in 2013.

The winning bidder was Factory Records fan Tony Dykes of Brighton who frequented The Hacienda in the early days during the 1980s as a student at Manchester Polytechnic and made many lifelong friends in the city.

Tony, aged 51, gave up alcohol last Autumn and has since become a customer of The Alcohol-Free Shop.

Tony said: “Like everyone else, I was appalled at the barbaric attack on innocent concert goers in Manchester, and my deepest sympathy goes out to everyone affected. Words really are not adequate. So most importantly, it is great that this money is going to the ‘We love Manchester’ fund.

“I grew very fond of the city and visited the Hacienda on a number of occasions when it was almost empty. My wife also lived in Manchester in the early to mid 1990s and she visited the Hac when it was a much more popular destination. These amazing prints have a personal resonance for us both and will take pride of place in our house above the record deck and amp.”

Art and antique transport specialist at The British Shop, whose experts carry priceless works around the world, have agreed to donate their services and deliver the prints to Tony for free.

John Risby, co-founder and MD at The Alcohol-Free Shop said: “As a Manchester-based company, the bomb at the Manchester Arena was very close to home. Our staff knew people who were at the concert. Tragically the brother of a friend of one colleague died in the bomb.

“Hooky very generously gave us these two incredible screen prints of The Hacienda to put on our walls when he opened our new shop on Oldham Road. The aim was to auction them for charity at some time in the future. We felt that this was the right time.”

The screen prints were produced with The Hacienda architect Ben Kelly, along with Ben Cox and Bill Holding at Morph graphic design partnership.

They are numbered 72 from a limited edition of 150 printed on Somerset 410gsm paper showing the East and West view of the Hacienda and are signed by Ben Kelly.

John said “They are incredibly well designed and printed. Ben Cox from Morph told us that there were around 20 different screens used for each print, plus a varnish added to parts of the columns at the final stage of printing. The printing alone is a work of art!”

The money raised will be used 100 per cent to assist the victims of the Manchester attack, their families and dependants through the fund organised by the British Red Cross and Manchester City Council.