Brighton Table Tennis Club Film Premiers At Picturehouse


Believe That is a short documentary by filmmaker Caleb Yule. The film follows the journey of Team Santos, three players from Brighton Table Tennis Club, as they prepare to represent their country at the European Down’s Syndrome Championships. The film will premier at Duke of York Picturehouse on 11 June.

Their coach, Pedro Santos, leads them through a rigorous training regime, challenging our everyday perceptions of people with Trisomy 21 Down’s Syndrome, how they should be treated and what they are capable of. Santos leads the T21 team with astounding energy, earnestness and patience, acting both kind and demanding to best develop three remarkable players. As a result, coach and player form strong, complex relationships, built upon immense love and mutual respect.

A deeply humane work, Believe That is an uplifting and educational portrait of one of the most under represented demographics; it presents a deep insight into the focal trio, highlighting their range and depth of emotion, humour and individuality.

As with all sporting journeys, one should expect both victory and defeat; we see two sides of a classic rite of passage from a unique perspective, capturing the joys of success and the frustrations of failure through a fresh pair of eyes. What is witnessed is hard to believe, but impossible to forget.

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