Brighton Waldorf School Celebrates GCSE Success

Pupils at The Brighton Waldorf School, located in Kemptown, are celebrating great GCSE results. This year, pupils achieved a positive 69% pass rate against the national average of 67.3% and an outstanding improvement on 36% last year.

Commenting on the successful results, School Director, Damian Mooncie said: “On behalf of all our School community, I am proud to congratulate all our pupils on their – GSCE achievements. There have been strong improvements over the last year, with a noteworthy number of outstanding individual performances.”

Brighton Waldorf pupils performed at levels above national averages in many subjects, with outstanding performances in English Language and Maths where pupils achieved 83% and 67% Grade 4 and above, which is above the national pass rate average.

Other results included Grade 7, where outcomes were 23%, slightly above the national average; 5 GCSE secure at 4 and above at 50% and two Grade 9 (A*) outcomes in English Literature – an exceptional 16.66%.

Damian continued: “Our School is growing and going from strength to strength and it was great to be amongst the happy pupils as they collected their results. I am extremely pleased with these outcomes as they will support our ongoing commitment, progress and work to improve our School following the unsatisfactory Inadequate Ofsted decision. This year’s results are a cleardemonstration of the spirit, commitment and determination of our pupils, the School faculty to continue to deliver a rich and inspirational curriculum which meets the needs of each individual child ensuring they receive a creative, inspiring education.

“We look forward to the next academic year when we will continue to build upon this year’s success. Our pupils should be extremely proud of their results. They are a clear result of all the hard work they put in throughout the academic year and this year’s GCSE results clearly show that Brighton Waldorf pupils can competeagainst national expectations.

“Everyone at the School is extremely proud of what our pupils achieved, and we wish the Brighton Waldorf School Class of 2019 every success in their futurelearning journeys.”