Brighton Waldorf School Pupil Wins County Creative Writing Prize!

Pupils from Class 5, aged between 10 and 11-years-old at The Brighton Waldorf School in Kemptown, have won a Sussex-wide schools’ competition to have their creative writing included in a contemporary Sussex poetry anthology.

The competition, organised by the ‘Young Writers’ company, ran the ‘Poetry Wonderland – Poems from Sussex’ contest throughout the county and five pupils from the School, all in Class 5, have been chosen to have their poems published in the poetry collection of the same name later this month.

The aim of the competition was to promote poetry and creative writing in young people, so there was no prescribed theme for the entries. The pupils were free to compose their own inspired poems and, with no constraints, the children were able to explore their imaginations, individuality and creativity which resulted in some wonderful pieces.

Commenting on the exciting result, Class 5 Teacher, John Desanguine said: “Class 5 really entered into the spirit of the competition. The pupils enthusiastically explored a range of different and fun themes before writing their own unique and imaginative poems. It’s a great demonstration of their hard work and originality to have so many pupils chosen, from one class, to have their work published.”

The five pupils and their poems are: Nina Stefansdottir (“My Cat Cruselius”), Jasmine Kirkus-Hislop (“Magic”), Maia Berger-Smith (“Who Is That?), Alfie Jones  (“Fishing In The Middle Of A Planet”), Alanna Becerro ( “My Imaginary Friends!”).

School Director, Damian Mooncie, added: “Here at The Brighton Waldorf School, we give great weight to handwriting and a child’s creativity. From an early age, our pupils learn to write by hand and do so beautifully and in an artistic way. Also, recent scientific research is corroborating the value of the use of the hands and among the findings, the learning of good penmanship has been shown to support the healthy development of the child.

“We are very proud of every pupil who entered the competition and we are delighted for Nina, Jasmine, Maia, Alfie and Alanna who will see their own words in print very shortly.”