Brighton’s Global Climate Strike!

On Friday 20th September, Brighton Greenpeace group joined approximately 10,000 other people from all over Brighton & Hove and Sussex on strike, and called on the UK Government to take urgent action to tackle the climate emergency. The strikes are led by the UK Student Climate Network and supported by Greenpeace and other environmental NGOs. The organisers estimate that hundreds of thousands of people took part in over 200 different locations around the UK. 

Ingrid Burniston, a school pupil from Hove, and Zella Moore, from Lewes, both attended today’s strike. They agreed that ‘the planet is dying’. 13 year old Ingrid said ‘we are killing ourselves by not changing and if we don’t do anything we will regret it’. She worries about ‘sustainable resources and food supplies in the future’.

This was not the pair’s first strike or protest but Zella, aged 12, told us that this was the biggest she’d attended and that the movement was ‘getting bigger’. She found it ‘exciting’ and felt ‘united with others striking around the world’. The pair told us they were ‘representing those that can’t be here and all wildlife as well’.

Ingrid said ‘this all started because of Greta Thunberg and it’s amazing that all these people are taking action’. Zella added that ‘there is no point in looking at the negatives when there is an opportunity to work together to keep the planet alive’. She concluded that ‘if we combine our voices we will become louder and louder’.

Jamie, a volunteer with Greenpeace Brighton group said ‘The UK Government has been saying the right things about climate change, but talk is cheap. They should put their money where their mouth is and do what’s needed. If the kids who’ve been out protesting for a year now are going to have decent lives, we need to see big changes.’