Brighton’s iconic Earthship launch crowdfunding campaign

The not-for-profit organisation, Low Carbon Trust, is launching a crowdfunding campaign this October to upgrade vital energy and water systems for its award winning Earthship Brighton environmental education centre.

The internationally known Earthship has delighted and educated thousands of visitors for over nine years but now the much loved eco-building needs to revamp its energy and water systems.

One of Brighton’s most iconic buildings, the Earthship was the first of its kind to be built in England and is one of only two Earthships in the UK (the other is in Fife, Scotland). Stanmer Park, one of Brighton’s most visited green spaces, is home to the award-winning building.

Earthship Brighton Clouds By Mischa Hewit

October also sees the return of the popular Eco Open Houses event, an annual collaborative project run by​ ​Low Carbon Trust​, the local charity​ Brighton Permaculture Trust​ and​ Brighton & Hove City Council​ during which EarthShip Brighton is open for guided tours. The annual event, which sees owners of some of the greenest buildings in Sussex opening their doors to the public for free, showcases the most innovative green technologies and materials currently available.

Earthships are made using waste car tyres and other recycled materials. Not relying on mains water or energy from big companies, Earthships are self-contained living vessels. Working as a demonstration site the Earthship is not a home. It illustrates how — with smart design and careful planning — the buildings we live and occupy can have a low impact on the planet whilst being both beautiful and comfortable.

The Low Carbon Trust need to raise £20,000 to acquire a new ultraviolet water filtration system to purify rainwater for use inside the building, purchase new batteries to store electricity generated by the solar panels, and to build a straw bale unit to securely house the new batteries.

With these new systems in place the building will be able to host many more events and courses and open the building up to the local community to use it for their own projects and events whilst continuing to demonstrate cutting edge renewable technologies alongside elegant ecological building design.

The crowdfunding campaign, Earthship Brighton: Plugged Into Nature, launches on Tuesday 13th of October 2015 on Buzzbnk, the UK’s first crowdfunding platform designed for social enterprises and charities, and will last for 30 days only.

To find out more about the campaign and show your support, visit;

Earthship View from the West By Mischa Hewit