Business in the Community explain the benefits of responsible businesses


Last month Business in the Community, who are strategic partners of Giving Times, released an in depth analysis about the benefits of responsible businesses for SMEs.

The piece was written by Jason Woodford who is a CEO of SiteVisibilty, an SEO agency based in Brighton and an active member of Business in the Community. 

Mr Woodford writes, “Twenty years ago, a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity tended to be unrelated to its core business, used to stem or prevent criticism rather than promote real development. But since then there has been a marked shift, and CSR is now seen as an integral part of any business. 

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), like SiteVisibility, often have a naturally responsible approach to business. Due to their close relationships with employees, the local community and business partners, they are uniquely positioned within their local areas to help tackle the social issues facing the UK.”

To read the full article, visit or if you represent an SME located in the South of England and are interested in engaging through Business in the Community please contact Mike Toy on 023 9241 5760.