Catch The Bus Week Comes To Town

Managers at Brighton & Hove Buses are making themselves available to meet and greet the public to promote the benefits of travelling by bus to mark national Catch the Bus Week.

Brighton and Hove,  Buses, passengers
Brighton and Hove, Buses, passengers

They’ll be joined by other bus operators in the city, as well as the city Mayor Mo Marsh, the Chief Executive of Bus Users UK Claire Walters, representatives from the local Bus Watch group in Brighton and other guests at Churchill Square on 4th July 2017 as part of an event called Your Bus Matters.

Brighton & Hove Buses Managing Director Martin Harris said: “Over the day, nine of my colleagues at the bus company – including myself – will be available to talk with the city’s residents.

“What we want to do more than anything is draw attention to our specific community deals that make buses more affordable for everyone. We want everyone to know about them and take advantage of them – not for them be buried in small print that’s easy to miss. These deals are real, they’re good and we want people to benefit from them.”

Community deals the company has invested in are as follows:

Affordable Annual pass: partnered with the East Sussex Credit Union to offer members an annual ticket that spreads the payments over a year and offers an extra 10 per cent discount.
Routes free pass: free travel for participants of local project Routes that supports people into employment.
Family offers: very good deals include the Bus ID range of discounts for children, money off school travel, discounts for brothers and sisters with our Sibling Savers and family day tickets.
4 Work Saver: working with employers across the city to offer employees in a new job free travel for the first four weeks. Any employer can take part.
Carers’ Card and Compass Card holders’ discounts: unpaid carers are offered discounted fares so those they care for are not restricted from getting around and leading fuller lives.

Find out more about Catch the Bus Week here: