Celebrating Social Entrepreneurs In Brighton

UnLtd brought social entrepreneurs from all over the UK to Brighton for two days to learn from the innovative social entrepreneurs in Brighton & Hove. Being a true tale of two cities, with both affluence and poverty in extremes, Brighton social entrepreneurs have seen the social problems and are successfully answering them. The two days spotlighted the work of people doing good in the communities they live in – like The Bevy, The Crew Club, Rolling Sports Pathway, Small Performance Adventures, Sage Holistic, Touchwise Massage, Making It Out, Emmaus, Fledglings Outdoor Play, Horizon, We Are Not Saints, Brighton Cauldron, and The Big Lemon. Brighton is a hub of innovation and social entrepreneurship, and the connections made between social entrepreneurs through UnLtd spotlights how to successfully work together to uplift the community.

“It’s the collaboration of ideas that made this possible”, says Emmaus Brighton & Hove Business Manager Joel Lewis.  

“We wanted to show the Brighton you don’t see on postcards”, says UnLtd Brighton & Hove Award Manager Rebecca Luff. “Brighton & Hove is one of the UK’s most successful cities with some of the most ingrained challenges, but social entrepreneurs and their supporters are working together to lead remarkable local change. Crucially, this change is led by people who live in the communities and feel the problems, with an understanding of the benefit of collaboration and mutual support. Brighton social entrepreneurs are setting an inspirational example for people wanting to do good all over the UK”.

The challenges, lessons, and experiences of Brighton’s committed and passionate community leaders were freely shared, with business models and advice leaving the other entrepreneurs with plenty of food for thought. The two days ended with the Manifesto for the Social Economy Showcase at The Sanctuary at Dorset Gardens, organised by Kate McCoy (Small Performance Adventures) and Chris De Banks (We Are Not Saints) with support from Enterprise with Meaning. Councillor Nancy Platts attended, showing her support for social entrepreneurship and speaking about her personal journey of social entrepreneurship which has led to her belief that social enterprises will create a positive Brighton & Hove economy and society:

“We want an economy that works for all of us, that puts the people and the community value ahead of soaring profits and shareholder wealth. An economy that is sustainable and helps us become carbon neutral, that is aligned with the values of our tolerant and diverse city, and that is community-facing and fit for purpose. An economy that is fit for Brighton & Hove…I view social entrepreneurs as key actors that will help us change the way our economy works locally, and benefit the most vulnerable people” – Nancy Platts, at the Manifesto for the Social Economy Showcase

UnLtd are delighted with the work that’s been done in Brighton & Hove so far, and are looking forward to helping more social leaders create change in the city. Anybody with an interest in becoming a social entrepreneur in the region can speak to Rebecca Luff,RebeccaLuff@unltd.org.uk, who is always interested in a cup of tea and a conversation.