Community Brewery Crowdfunding To Help The Environment

Our community brewery in the heart of Brighton is fighting environmental collapse and unhealthy drinks with our new crowdfunder campaign.

At Old Tree Brewery we’ve started a crowdfunding campaign, supported by local MP Caroline Lucas, to grow our social enterprise and become fully closed loop, particularly by installing more drink refill stations across Brighton & Hove.

We work with local community gardens to harvest seasonal botanicals for our drinks and to produce healthy ‘living soil’, in a bid to stop soil degradation.

Old Tree Brewery sells a variety of low alcohol and no-alcohol, live, fermented drinks, including a delicious kombucha and an apple cider vinegar shrub made up of over 20 botanicals. These drinks provide a healthy and delicious alternative to high-strength alcoholic drinks and high-sugar soft drinks.

However, after five years of of competing with larger, less environmentally-friendly businesses, we’ve decided we can’t continue on our own, and have appealed to the local community to help us fundraise.

So far we have been endorsed by many local businesses and organisations: including the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, The Green Party, Good Things Brewing Co (IPA), Store Brighton, One Church Brighton, HISBE Foods, Full Circle Farms, SILO Zero-Waste Restaurant, Trollburger, Hanover Action’s One Planet Living group, Brighton Yoga Foundation, and more.

If anyone on your team would like to tell our story, it would mean the world to us.

Our Crowdfunder Page: