Community Moulsecoomb pub provides ‘Meals on wheels’ lifeline to the vulnerable …

The Bevy, a community pub and cafe in Moulsecoomb, is providing a ‘Meals on Wheels’ style service to vulnerable local people who can’t get out to buy food during the Covid-19 crisis. After closing the pub due to the outbreak, a team of dedicated volunteers and staff decided to cook and deliver hot meals 3 times per week to ensure that none of the regular attendees of their lunch clubs goes hungry.

The scheme, known as ‘Bevy Bites’ started by offering the members of the busy ‘Friday Friends’ and ‘Bridge The Gap’ weekly lunch clubs, which provide companionship, activities and a hearty meal to elderly local people.

The pub has been working closely with local schools, churches and community organisations, developing a combined community response to make sure help is given to all those who need it throughout the crisis. Brighton Aldridge Community Academy has collaborated with the pub to build up a reserve of frozen meals to be shared with help from the Brighton Food Factory, a new not for profit social enterprise addressing food inequality in Brighton and Hove. The Bevy has introduced the most stringent hygiene safety measures in the Bevy building and in the delivery process.

The Bevy Bites team is asking for urgent donations to ensure this service continues, via a donate page on The Bevy website. From Helen Jones “Any donations are very welcome. Every £5 you give provides someone with a meal so we are really grateful for any money anyone can spare”.

So if you’d like to donate, make your contribution here!

If you live in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, have been told not to or cannot leave your home and would like to receive one of these meals, or know someone who would then contact the Bevy Bites team on 01273 281009