Connectivity Does More Than Bring People Together!

At AeroMobile, we pride ourselves on keeping people connected. So when we heard about the plight of the homeless people served by Sussex Homeless Support – who have to travel four miles just to get food, shower and fresh clothing every morning – we just had to get our spanners out and help!

Partnering with the wonderful charity inspired team building company O3e – our team have set about reshaping our traditional team meeting into something quite different. Rather than just thinking about OUR future, we want to look at the future of other individuals and how we can keep them connected to the things that they value the most. 

Homelessness is now considered a major crisis in the UK – 2018 figures suggest that nationally one in 200 people are homeless[1], with Brighton now considered to have the second highest homeless levels in the UK.

That’s where Sussex Homeless Support comes in. Their ambitions were never to grow, but just to fill the gaps that the social services left. If you’ve been in Brighton on a Sunday afternoon you may have seen the Sussex Homeless Support street kitchen set up outside the Clock Tower, or the clothes they hand out across town. This is just a small part of what they do. The team work tirelessly among the community to provide life-saving supplies, comfort, and advice.

They also run two night buses to give people a safe sleeping space. But getting around town, and access to basic care, can be a challenge. So with the help of O3e, we are swapping our trouser suits for boiler suits and will build three road bikes that we will give to the people supported by Sussex Homeless Support.

The bikes will give people in need the means to travel the four miles to the nearest support centre to get food, shelter, a fresh set of clothes and company.