Council’s Tree Planting Programme Sees Fruit Of Its Labours

Leaves Tree Mountain Elm Green Ulmus Glabra

Nearly 2,700 trees have been planted in Eastbourne as part of a ten-year programme to ensure healthy trees for future generations.

Eastbourne Borough Council introduced the programme because most of the trees in parks and other public areas were mature and there was no plan in place to plant new trees.

The trees planted have been a wide variety of species, including Dutch Elm Disease resistant Elms, to combat future pest and diseases and to suit specific locations. They include more than 60 fruit trees in the last two years, that have been introduced with the council working alongside environmental group Edible Eastbourne.

Some of the planting cost has been met by the council’s devolved budget scheme in which every ward has a budget to spend on initiatives to improve the lives of residents.

Cabinet Member for Place Services Councillor Jonathan Dow said: “The planting of 2,690 trees is a fantastic achievement. If nothing had been done, then there would have been a significant decline in the number of trees both in parks and on streets. By planting these trees, and continuing to plant in the future, we will ensure a healthy and varied tree population for future generations.”

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