Easter Island Paddle Board Expedition Begins

This  week, four members of the local Brighton and Hove business community; Neil Laughton, Merial Davis, Mark Newman & Rob Pelling are tuning into adventurers to raise money for  Rockinghorse children’s charity.

Easter Island 2The team are taking an epic journey to, quite literally, the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, where they will arrive at the remotest single Island in the world – Easter Island.

The team are attempting a 60km circumnavigation of Easter Island on ‘Stand Up Paddle Boards’.

eASTER iSLANDThose of us that have tried this ever growing sport, have maybe popped down to the Sussex coast, hoped for a calm sea and paddled around for a while. For this adventure they will have to have had nerves of steel, with only one true beach on this volcanic Island and most of the coast line dangerous rocky shoreline or sheer cliff faces, their reading of the surf, currents, wind direction & speed needs to be spot on to give them the best chance of success.

They will have a window of opportunity from November 6th through to November 13th to hopefully find the right conditions.

All of the team at Rockinghorse are wishing them every success and will look forward to regular updates as to how the challenge is going.

If anyone would like to support this mammoth and very unique fundraising challenge, please click on this link to their just giving page.