Foxes In The Snow Win Charity Photo Competition

A chance encounter with a pair of foxes on a wintry Sussex day has scooped photographer, Karen Diton, first prize in Sussex Wildlife Trust’s annual photographic competition. Karen’s photo, Foxes in the Snow, won the public vote and a £100 prize.

@ Karen Dition

Karen described how she took her winning photograph:“I was staying with my mum in Crowborough in January this year when we had some snow. Crowborough as you know always gets it worse than many other places. I had recently bought new Nikon 200-500 lens so was hoping to get some ‘robin in the snow’ photos.

“I sat just inside the patio doors when one fox walked up the garden. Then another one walked down the garden. They ‘played’ a short time before mating. To say I was thrilled was an understatement! So lucky to have witnessed such a magical scene.”


Runner-up was Jamie Fielding with his dramatic landscape photo of lowland heath. Jamie, who enjoyed previous success in the competition as the winner in 2016, will receive a calendar and Christmas cards from the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s online shop.

Jamie told us how he captured this spectacular heathland sunrise: “I knew I wanted to capture a striking heathland shot this Autumn. The annual heather bloom is stunning and coupled with a morning mist and sunrise I knew there was potential for a great atmospheric shot. I chose Lords Piece which is a beautiful spot within the Sussex countryside and once autumn rolls in you don’t need to be awake at 4 am to capture it!”

Sussex Wildlife Trust congratulate the winners and would like to thank everybody who entered and voted in this year’s competition. The twelve finalists will feature in the Trust’s 2018 online calendar, which will be available from their website from the end of December. 

To find out more visit Sussex Wildlife Trust’s website:

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