Free Cancer Course For Parents And Carers Comes To Brighton

Penny Brohn UK Living Well CourseA leading cancer charity is hosting a free course in Brighton for people supporting a teenager or young person with cancer.

Penny Brohn UK’s two-day course, Living Well for supporters of teenagers and young people with cancer takes place at Malmaison Brighton, Brighton Marina Village, on 10 and 11 November, from 10am to 5pm.

The two day residential course is designed for those supporting a teenager or young person with cancer. Supporters may be a parent, sibling (over the age of 18), carer or partner. The course brings supporters together and offers an opportunity to understand the impact on themselves and explore ways of improving their own health.

Esther Passingham, Client Coordinator for TYA Supporters at Penny Brohn UK said: “Supporters often overlook their own physical and mental health while they focus on their loved ones. The aim of this course is to provide our Bristol Whole Life Approach for supporters, so they can meet others in a similar position.

“Sharing experiences can really help to reduce the feeling of isolation.”

A supporter who recently attended a course added: “It’s hard to prioritise your own needs when you are so concerned about someone else. But I’m glad I went; I feel more able to deal with things now.”

Places are limited and first come, first served.

To book or for more information, call 0303 3000 118, email or visit