Funding Award For Social Prescribing Expansion In Brighton & Hove

Example services social prescribing refers ontoCommunity Navigation, the city’s primary care social prescribing service, has secured three-year grant funding from the Department of Health and Social Care to provide more support to patients experiencing health inequalities and to connect people experiencing isolation.

Local charity Brighton & Hove Impetus submitted a joint bid with NHS Brighton and Hove CCG. It is one of only 23 services in the UK to receive a share of the £4.5M grant fund (source here).

Social prescribing is a growing service in the UK that helps improve health and wellbeing by supporting people with non-medical needs that often make them unwell. This includes social isolation, financial worries and unemployment.

A skilled social prescribing link-worker receives referrals from GP practices. They give people time to talk about their issues and life challenges, and together they agree next steps. Support is then given to help them access services in the local community, including social groups, physical activities, financial help and employment support.

The new funding will expand the core service, working with specialist delivery partners, for specific groups including people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities; people experiencing language barriers; Gypsies, Roma and Travellers; and transgender people.

Clair Rowe, the service manager, comments: “We are delighted to be able to expand our service to support more people in Brighton and Hove. Social and economic issues cause significant problems with our health. Obtaining a simple referral from a GP, surgery nurse or healthcare assistant unlocks hundreds of community services for better health and wellbeing.”

More details about Community Navigation and how to get involved at: