Funding specialist shines a light on local charities

A charity specialist from Sussex who has worked with local organisations such as Sussex Community Foundation and YMCA Downslink has launched a new organisation specialising in funding advice and consultancy for charities and not-for-profits.

Janet Ormerod has launched Nahira Consultancy as a way to solve the growing problem that, with more than half a million not-for-profit organisations based in the United Kingdom, having a worthy cause doesn’t always translate into success for charities.

Named after the Aramaic word that means ‘source of light’, Janet is putting the spotlight on regional charities based in the South East.

Janet Ormerod founder of Nahira Consultancy, supporting charities in South East
Janet Ormerod founder of Nahira Consultancy, supporting charities and not-for-profits in South East

While large national charities enjoy wide exposure and plenty of coverage, local organisations can often fail to catch the attention. Providing advice on fundraising strategies, short term resources for a fundraising or development project, research to identify potential new funding streams and help with implementing systems such as contact management, Janet assists smaller charities to grow into organisations capable of effecting real change.

Janet said, “For more than 20 years, I’ve worked in Sussex and gained a keen awareness of the diversity of charitable organisations in the region. I’m hopeful that I can provide a helping hand to steer local not-for-profits towards bigger and better things”.

For more than twenty years, Janet has worked to develop and fundraise for charities in the South East, including the Hove YMCA (now YMCA Downslink Group) and Sussex Community Foundation, where she played a key role in the early development of the charity, and helped them successfully raise a total of £17 million.

Nahira Consultancy offers a free initial 1-2 hour consultation meeting, including a fundraising ‘healthcheck’ for not-for-profit organisations. To find out more, visit: