Greenpeace Brighton Volunteers Rides Blue Wave For World Oceans Day

Greenpeace volunteers and local residents wearing blue clothes and face paint took part in a human wave outside Brighton Palace Pier on Saturday. Alongside people from all over the UK, they are calling on the Government to put its full weight behind a strong Global Ocean Treaty, to create a network of ocean sanctuaries protecting marine wildlife from destructive industries.

Participants also painted their faces blue and wrote personal messages of support for the Global Treaty to the UK Government, including Alexandra who wrote ‘This earth is the only one we have. Please be our voice and do something. Your families live on this earth too, and it’s the only home we have. Together we can save the planet and ourselves!’

Healthy oceans are one of our best allies against a changing climate, as marine life capture and store large amounts of carbon, but they are under threat from overfishing, deep sea mining and plastic pollution. Currently less than 5% of the world’s oceans are protected. Greenpeace is asking the UK Government to drive ambition at the next wave of negotiations in August and make a strong Global Ocean Treaty a reality. The final decision on the Treaty is expected at the United Nations in spring next year.

Helen, from Seven Dials area, ‘We’re used to seeing some pretty big waves here in Brighton, especially today but I’ve never seen one this beautiful before! It’s fantastic that so many people got together today to show their support for a strong Global Ocean Treaty. As a coastal town, we know how important our oceans are for food, and to protect us from climate change. They are also a vital habitat for the sea creatures we know and love such as whales and turtles.’

Helen continued ‘Our Government must now surf this wave of support and push for a strong treaty at the upcoming UN negotiations. It’s vital that we protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030’.

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