Hatt Adventures Announces First Edition Of River Ouse Clean Up

river-ouse-clean-upHatt Adventures, in collaboration with marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) and British Canoeing, has announced the first annual River Ouse Clean Up on Sunday 28th October, starting at 11am.

This is a FREE event, subject to registration. Starting at Barcombe Mills in East Sussex, volunteers will paddle on kayaks and remove litter from this popular river. We will track the types of items found and share the data with Government as part of its consultation on a new Deposit Return Scheme. All waste will then be disposed of responsibly.

You are invited to join by booking at https://www.thehatt.co.uk/river-clean-up-surfers-against-sewage-british-canoeing or call 01273 358359. Hire a free kayak for the day from Hatt Adventures with a refundable £10 deposit, subject to availability. Or join us with your own boat – please register to receive an information pack.

The River Ouse Clean Up is part of Hatt Adventures’ Environmental Pledge. As lovers of the outdoors, they are committed to minimising their impact on nature and taking positive steps to reverse ecological damage. Their goal is to bring together those who enjoy the Ouse year-round, to inspire and empower our community to take action in a quest for plastic-free waters.

The event is part of SAS’s Autumn Beach and River Clean campaign. This October, a record 460 beach and river cleans will see 15,000 volunteers remove an estimated 35 tonnes of plastic pollution from the environment. This year is more important than ever as Government is planning to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme – a system where every plastic drinks bottle and can be recycled and we create a circular economy. The data collected from the River Ouse Clean Up will directly influence the outcome of this scheme.

The River Ouse Clean Up will be preceded by an introduction by Clare Osborn of Clare Talks Rubbish (claretalksrubbish.com). Clare is a British Canoeing ambassador an adventurous environmentalist with a passion for the ocean, waste reduction, and inspiring positive change.

Ben Hewitt, Director of Projects and Campaigns at SAS said: “The scale of this clean – the biggest Autumn clean across the UK – will provide us with vital data to inform the Government’s decisions on a new Deposit Return Scheme. We need a simple scheme that includes all bottles and cans. After our beach cleans we will be able to specifically show the range of bottles and cans ending up polluting our beaches and rivers.”

Find out more: https://www.thehatt.co.uk/