High Sheriff Awards

The annual High Sheriff Awards for outstanding contribution to the community were held at the Town Hall, Brighton on Thursday 16 March 2017.

High SherriffThe High Sheriff of East Sussex, Mr Michael Foster DL explained that the purpose of these awards is to recognise the special contribution that particular charities and individuals have made to the community over the past year.

We have many thousands of volunteers throughout East Sussex making an enormous contribution without which the public sector would be struggling to meet the needs.

“Voluntary organisations and individuals across the County support their neighbours and communities over such a wide range of activity from support for children to older people. From those suffering disability to improving the quality of life by culture and sport. I would love to name every one of those that I have visited over the past year but today I am pleased to offer an award and some small financial support to four County recipients as representatives of so much more that is done.”

The Award winners this year were:

Al’s Wishes
Charity for Kids
The Real Junk Food Project (Brighton)
Paula Woolven.

At the ceremony on Thursday in the presence of the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Brighton, Cllr. Pete West there will also be presented two court awards that is persons named by Crown Court Judges for their support for the justice system were made by the Lord Lieutenant Mr Peter Field. The two award winners were Lewis Kelly and Joao Belem.