Homeless Artists’ First Exhibition In Brighton


Brighton’s first creative studio dedicated solely for homeless people are running their first full exhibition as part of Brighton Open House festival.

In February 2018, Justlife opened a creative studio for anyone that has experienced homelessness. A creative space for artists who are homeless/living in temporary/emergency accommodation to practise their art and develop professionally and for those that wouldn’t normally consider themselves an artist to explore creativity. Together we hope to demystify stereotypes of homeless people and develop peer support and leadership skills amongst artists.

The Justlife Open House is an opportunity for the artists to display their work, being identified as artists rather than their circumstances. We have seven artists in resident. Selling a range of artwork including canvas, postcards, T-shirts and photography.  The studio will be open to everyone, every Saturday and Sunday throughout May 11am – 4pm.

Throughout the week they host studio time and workshops for Justlife artists. Studio time is a time for artists to come together and practise their own art, supporting and encouraging each other. So far they’ve run workshops on photography, calligraphy, card making, exploring different artists and their techniques, repairing clothes and an introduction to print making. We have plans to explore creative writing and voice workshops. The workshops and studio time are run by volunteers or through partnerships with creative organisations.

One of the artists Gary said “I’m living in emergency accommodation. Thanks to the support from Justlife I’m hoping to be in sheltered accommodation within the next 10 weeks. It’s amazing what Justlife do, art groups, dinners, coffee drop ins, it’s a lot of time and effort for people like us. If it wasn’t for Justlife and their support I’d be dead on the street.”

Justlife is based in Brighton and Manchester supporting homeless people who are placed in unsupported emergency or temporary accommodation, to make their experience of housing vulnerability as short, safe and healthy as possible. The support they provide is flexible and person centered, enabling people to grow and flourish according to their aspirations and at their own pace.

You find out more about them on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @studiojustlife or on their website www.justlife.org.uk

Visit the exhibition: 

Justlife Creative Studio, Studio 1, Upstairs at Brighton Open Market

Every Saturday and Sunday throughout May 11am-4pm