Homeless Bus To Visit Royal Wedding


Brighton’s most famous bus is set to travel to the Royal Wedding on the 19th May. It will be there to act as a central hub for the homeless and rough sleepers, who are expected to travel to the area and join with the local rough sleepers in Windsor. All will be there to wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a great day and join in the celebrations.

The bus, organised by Sussex Homeless Support, will provide free water, hot drinks and basic food to the homeless community during its stay. It will be manned by volunteers and homeless people from Brighton. The trained volunteers can also offer support and signpost onto other services. They work very well with local services including police and the council, so it is expected the same will happen in Windsor.

The council in Windsor recently ran into public ridicule after the story was released stating it wanted all the homeless kicked out of the city. Public and celebrities including Russell Brand began to condemn the suggestion.

With public support, Sussex Homeless Support will be there the day before, doing outreach and staying in a central location to watch the procession drive past. They hope the Royal couple get news of the visit and find a way to give us a wave. The homeless crisis in the UK is down to government policy to drive the poor onto the streets, so from the streets they will celebrate the wedding.

Based in Brighton but with links covering the UK, SHS is a homeless charity that works with and supports many others in the city to achieve its ambition of zero food poverty and 100 % support for all people in Brighton.

As well as collecting food and items of clothing and distributing them out daily to people on the streets, SHS provides cooking for the Anti-Freeze Homeless Project (Mondays) and hosts the lively Street Kitchen at the Clock tower on Sundays. The charity also provides supplies to people recently re-housed.

Facebook: Sussexhomelesssupport

Twitter: @SussexNightBus