How To Help People Facing Food Poverty This Christmas

The Food Partnership has launched their highly popular campaign aimed at helping people struggling to feed themselves over the Christmas season.

At a time when we are bombarded with Christmas ads for delicious rich food and the supermarkets are heaving with festive fare, many people do not have enough money to feed themselves and their family.

The Food Partnership works with a range of organisations helping people struggling with food poverty and asked them the best way to help hungry people this Christmas.


Helen Starr-Keddle project manages the Emergency Food Network as part of her work with the Food Partnership. She said; “At Christmas lots of people want to help others but are not sure the best way or where to take donations. We produced a blog last year which was really popular and meant lots of organisations benefitted from the generosity of others. We wanted to build on the goodwill this year by sharing information again.”

People who want to donate food, gifts or money are recommended not to leave it until the last week of December as many food banks do not open during this period. But the issue of food poverty does not end at Christmas and so donations throughout the year are always needed.

Find out how to help people facing food poverty this Christmas: 

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