Hygiene For All With Shower Van Launch

hygeine van

On Wednesday 22nd August 2018, Off The Fence was proud to launch their third van – a mobile shower unit for their Hygiene For All project – complementing the Hygiene and Washing vans already active in Brighton and Hove. Ensuring the homeless community always have access to their most basic need – Hygiene.

For many individuals without homes, having a shower will be big first step towards improving self-worth and help the efforts involved in finding accommodation or supported  housing.

The shower van will consist of two showers, providing up to 30 showers in a  4-hour operation session. Showers will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis at each location around the city.  Towels, bath mats and shower / body soap will be provided.

The need for shower units for homeless individuals is huge as many find it very difficult to access free showers, often have a very limited time to do so, and can also, naturally, feel vulnerable.  Full-service emergency homeless shelters and drop-in day centres are limited and often crowded. 

When searching for such facilities, individuals lose time during their day and often need transportation to and from the facilities.  In the process, they suffer the indignity of travelling on public transportation in an unclean state.  The answer is to take the showers to the homeless.

Without corporate sponsors and individual donors this project would not exist.  The Off The Fence shower van is supported by:  Sutton Winston, Southern Water, Brewers, Screwfix. 

“Good hygiene promotes health, fosters hope, and restores dignity”

For more details about Off The Fence go to  www.offthefence.org.uk, or phone 01273 933885.