Illustrator & Snailspace Ambassador Nick Sharratt Delivers Snail


Nick Sharratt, Learners Ambassdor for Snailspace, this autumn’s must-see public art event, was on hand today to deliver a Junior Snail to West Hove Infants School. 

Over fifty schools, nurseries and youth groups have signed up to take their place on the Junior Snailway, which hits the streets of the city in September. Each participating school is taking delivery of their very own gastropod this week so that they can decorate them ahead of the autumn trail. 

Planned with military precision, Martlets are using their own vans and drivers for this precious and rather unusual delivery.  Every school and youth group taking part in the Junior Snailway, is free to decorate their own snail in anyway that they like. Some are running competitions for the best designs, others are involving after-school art clubs, whilst many are incorporating collaborative ideas which involve every pupil in the school.

 All of the schools, nurseries and youth groups involved in the project have pledged to raise at least £750 for Martlets. This will form a very important element of the fundraising target for the charity and the groups have a year to raise the money. At the end of the event, schools will get their snails back and can keep it as a lasting legacy of the project or can use it for their own school fundraising. With so many schools signing up the project has the potential to reach around 20,000 local children.

As well as help deliver West Hove’s snail, Nick will be visiting Carlton Hill Primary School next week to run a creative workshop. Carlton Hill was the lucky winner of Martlet’s prize draw to win a visit from the award-winning illustrator.

Speaking about why he wanted to be part of the event Nick said: “I love the idea of beautifully decorated giant snails taking over our city in the autumn and the Learners Programme is a great way to get our children and young people involved. All children are creative; they just need opportunities to express it. As an artist I also think the snail is a brilliantly simple creature to draw which makes it accessible to anyone.

He continued: “I also know how important Martlets is to our local community and this is such a fantastic way to raise money for it. I’m delighted to be able to help in anyway that I can.”  

 The junior snails will be on display in various locations around the city in the autumn.