‘Join the Conversation’ about well-being at work

Businesses have weathered a great deal in the last 10 years from global recessions, unstable governments and a significant shift towards social media and smartphones. An average company with 250 employees loses approximately £250,000 annually due to sickness absenteeism, with over 40% of days lost from work-related illness being attributed to stress and mental health issues. In recent weeks, there have been a number of high profile cases highlighting the issues around employee well-being with trade unions quick to link physical and mental illnesses to situations at work. Global communications and technologies are changing the world of work and employers are continuing to ask more of their employees, so how can companies ensure they provide the most productive place to work?

The Well-being at Work Event is a new one-day conference in central London for HR professionals, business owners and consultants to change the workplace environment through Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Well-being. Statistics show that work related illnesses are on the increase with stress being one of the top five reasons for long term absence, whereas a highly engaged workforce could reduce staff turnover by 87%.  Through investing in the health and well-being of employees, this event can help you tackle both of these issues for your staff and your company. Through a programme of 20 influential speakers, debating panels, workshops and networking sessions, the event will focus on enhancing individual and organisational performance in companies across the UK and Europe.

The well-being revolution has had a huge impact on the workplace, with employers recognising that an engaged workforce can make a significant contribution to business performance. The Well-being At Work Event 2015 is an unrivalled opportunity for HR Directors and business managers to ‘Join the Conversation’, hear and learn from the experts, participate in well-being discussions and take away the tools to implement change within their own organisations.

Speaker Raj Kaur-Hooper - HR Engagement Manager, Twinings
Speaker Raj Kaur-Hooper – HR Engagement Manager, Twinings

Speakers at the event include 20 leading well-being experts and industry pioneers from major UK and international businesses: includingBritish Gas, NHS, Capital One, Twinings, Huffington Post, British Council and Aviva.  TheProgrammealso includes presentations from experienced well-being practitioners who have facilitated change within organisations across Europe, panel debates, workshops and networking sessions.

Event Organiser, Chris Cummings who devised the event explained his reasonsWork-place well-being and employee engagement are critical elements of a successful organisation from SME’s through to the FTSE 100 and it is something that I am personally passionate about. The Well-being at Work event brings together the leading experts and professionals who have implemented significant change in their organisation who will share their successes and failures. It is certainly an event not to be missed if you are a HR professional or business owner.”

Well-being At Work Event 2015 – invites HR professionals and business consultants across the UK to a one-day conference on Thursday 15th Octoberat The Cavendish Conference Centre (just behind the BBC), 22 Duchess Mews, London W1:

        • 20 Speakers
        • 2 Workshops
        • Networking drinks
        • Central London venue

Tickets for the event can be booked via the website.