Justlife Studio Offers A Creative Hub For Artists Who Have Experienced Homelessness

Justlife provides support to people who are close to the streets across the city. Our team helps them to progress towards safe, healthy and stable lifestyles, through developing positive relationships, re-building trust in services and ultimately believing in them as individuals.

Last year we opened our studio in the Open Market to provide a safe space for artists who have experienced homelessness to come and express their journeys and true selves through creativity. 

The artists are given collective ownership of the space. They can help themselves to hot drinks and materials, but most of all, their voices are heard, their ideas are valued and that shapes the project that we deliver.

Art can help express stories that are sometimes beyond words and it’s clear to see just how valuable these expressions can be to the lives of people who struggle to be seen in our society. Art makes them visible and their stories visible.

Art is a chance to explore, to heal and to play.

By having activities to focus on and a safe, nurturing environment, it opens up sensitive conversations and allows the group to act as a support for one and another. One of our artists recently called it his ‘temple of solace’.

The artists find connection through their shared experiences on the street, but they find unity through the art they create.

Art also has the power to provoke and captivate, which is so important when challenging perspectives of social issues such as homelessness.

Our collective is proud to raise awareness and demystify those stereotypes.

But we need your help – without funding for this studio, it wouldn’t exist…

“The studio has supported me and given me social support and been important in growing my self-esteem. It has really helped me believe in myself.” 

“All my inspiration came from Justlife, it gave me hope. I thought my work was no good, but now I know I can draw. It reminded me of what I can do and what I can enjoy. I didn’t know I had a creative talent until I found it at Justlife. Living in emergency accommodation, the studio keeps me grounded.”

So how could this campaign help us…

  • Finding a bigger studio space with windows!
  • Invest in more professional materials 
  • Invite workshop facilitators to come teach different expertise
  • Art therapy sessions for our more complex clients
  • Access some of the fantastic projects on offer in Brighton 
  • Be more involved in the creative community outside the studio
  • Trips for inspiration – galleries, museums, parks and events
  • Some of our artists have limited mobility so it would give us the funds to hire a mini-bus on occasions 
  • Chance to do bigger projects with more specialist equipment, like screen printing, building art installations or book making 
  • Fund frames and spaces for us have more exhibitions
  • Run regular classes for our more popular projects like clay sculpture
  • Production and distribution of studio fanzine for the next year