Launch Of Spring Into Sound Crowdfunding Campaign

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Brighton based music duo, Unite the Beat and local forest school, Bee in the Woods are joining forces this spring to celebrate generations coming together to play, explore and create music in the wild outdoors.

The project will last for 7 months with pre-schoolers and isolated older people, identified by the charity Time to Talk Befriending, joining together to enjoy and explore the sounds and music of our local woods this spring. Be it splashing in puddles, banging on trees or crunching leaves the group will explore together immersing themselves in each other’s company.

Emily, Co-founder of Unite The Beat, says “we passionately believe in the benefits of getting people out into nature and find that using sound is a great way to immerse them in their environment and relationships.  We are really excited to be piloting this inter-generational approach to social isolation and improving the lives of older people in our area”.

Throughout Spring, video and sound material will be recorded to enable a short documentary film and music video to be made at the end. This will both act as an incredible record for everyone involved and help to raise awareness about the benefits of generations playing together. It’s also hoped that the final coming together of the group at the screening will encourage friendships to bloom into the future.

Unite the Beat have been touched by the impact already experienced by Helen the project beneficiary, who said she loved being filmed for the crowdfunding video. Helen, 73, recently lost her best friend and says the project is helping her to have something to look forward to at a very difficult time. 

Emily from Time to Talk Befriending says “We are very excited to be involved with this project because we know just how important inter-generational relationships are to older people who have limited or no contact with family or friends.

“Not only will this collaboration be positive for our scheme members but it is a wonderful way to raise awareness about the huge need to combat social isolation by bridging the gap between the generations”.

The crowdfunding campaign will run from Sunday 4th March for 3 weeks, ending on Sunday 25th March and the project has raised 22% of its target so far. 

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