Lifesaving Equipment In Eastbourne Community Centre

Community centre

Willingdon Trees Community Centre in Holly Place has a lifesaving defibrillator after local ward councillors agreed to fund it.

Hampden Park councillors Colin Swansborough, Jim Murray and Pat Hearn handed over £1,600 from the devolved budget, which is money set aside for local community causes.

A defibrillator is designed for use on someone suspected of being in cardiac arrest and can have a significant positive effect on survival chances.

The aim is to put everyone in Eastbourne within three minutes of the lifesaving equipment.

The councillors said in a joint statement: “It’s fantastic to see so many people supporting the campaign to install more defibrillators and we were pleased to be able to help the community centre as well as other locations around Hampden Park.”

To apply for funding for your community project, contact your local councillor here: Find your Eastbourne Borough Council ward councillor