Local Charity Grace Eyre Offers Invaluable Course For People With Learning Disabilities

On 4th May Grace Eyre will be running a customer service course for adults with learning disabilities at the Grace Eyre Art Studio, upstairs at Brighton’s Open Market. Of 1.5 million people in the UK with a learning disability, only 6% of adults with a learning disability/autism that are known to their local authority are in paid work (Public Health England, 2016). This course offers an immersive and engaging environment for adults with learning disabilities to gain skills, knowledge and experience in customer service and customer care. There is also further opportunity to gain in-house or local work experience on completing the course.






The easy read course materials on this 12 week course have been specifically designed to encompass multiple learning styles. Course materials have been designed to motivate and encourage individual learners through a flexible and layered learning programme. The course covers all aspects of customer service training with a strong focus on confidence building, customer care and communication.

As the course progresses people are encouraged to explore all aspects of customer service and reflect on how their personal interests may be matched with what they have learned, in order to encourage planning for future development of their work skills and experience.

For over 100 years Grace Eyre’s vision has been for a society where people with learning disabilities are respected as equal citizens, are part of and contribute to their communities, and where people can fulfil their dreams and wishes. If you’d like to support the work Grace Eyre does to continue to develop the skills and roles of people with learning disabilities in society you can make a donation via their website www.grace-eyre.org, or come and visit them at the Grace Eyre Art Studio.