Local Charity To Host Free Community Arts Event

Creative Careers – Designer | Maker | Artist | Poet

Sat, 10 August 2019, 12 – 16.00 Grand Parade, University of Brighton.

Next month the Michael Aldrich Foundation is hosting an event to celebrate and showcase the careers of young creative people and exciting innovative community arts projects from the City of Brighton.

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/designer-maker-artist-poet-tickets-60571767788

On Saturday 10th August (12:00 to 16:00) at Grand Parade, University of Brighton, the Michael Aldrich Foundation will be showcasing 4 artists from 4 different disciplines; from poetry to woodcraft, to sculpture and earth saving design. 

The Foundation has specially curated an exhibition of the Aldrich Collection of contemporary art which uniquely charts the history of art education in Brighton from the 1800s. There will also be the opportunity to see work from the Foundation’s latest community arts project with Blind Veterans UK.

“We are very excited to be putting on this first free community event which will aim to shine a spotlight on some fantastic creative businesses. If you ever wondered what it was like to be a designer, maker, artist or even a poet, come along and chat to our young creatives and maybe take part in a workshop or two.” Philippa Aldrich,  Chair of the Michael Aldrich Foundation

On the day there will be exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops from Designer Tom Meades, Maker Eleanor Owens, Artist Jack Durling and Poet Tommy Sissons. 

The Michael Aldrich Foundation will be raising money to support arts education through sharing the collection and fund future community arts projects. There will also be the chance to win original pieces of local artwork by the next generation of artists. 

For more information please contact: Molly Aldrich – Wincer at m.aldrich-wincer@gmail.com

The Artists:

  • Eleanor Owens 

Twitter: @EOgardening

Instagram: @eogardening


  • Jack Durling 

Twitter: @JackDurling

Instagram: @jackdurlingartist 

Website: https://www.jackdurling.co.uk/

  • Tom Meades 

Twitter: @MeadesDesign 

Instagram: @meades.design


  • Tommy Sissons 

Twitter: @TommySissons

Instagram: @tommy_sissons

Website: https://tommysissons.bandcamp.com/